Developer, designer, student, and poutine enthusiast. I build user experiences for web and mobile applications. Co-founder of OKDG. I read books, ride bikes, play games, eat popcorn for dinner, write essays, and watch a lot of films. This is a live redesign and I'm still putting up work and content, so watch your head. Click onward for more—and godspeed. More about me

I'm a freelance web developer and designer living in Kelowna, BC, Canada. I've had the opportunity to work for clients such as Telus Mobility, Samsung, Magic Johnson, and USPS. I'm passionate about clean user experiences, interaction design, and progressive enhancement. When not melting my corneas with liquid crystals, I'm studying for a degree in Computer Science and English Literature. I am a fervent supporter of the Oxford comma.

I keep trying to think of more to write, but I just start listing different foods that I like. I'll spare you and just point you toward semi-neglected attempts at social interaction: follow me on , check out my shots on , view my photos on , see what I'm listening to at , and peruse my reading habits at . If you want, you can circle me on . So, we're practically best friends now.